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A.D. Scott

Painting & Wallpapering


A.D. Scott Painting & Wallpapering was founded by Sandy Scott in 1982, focused on precision work in traditional interior painting and wallpapering in southeastern Massachusetts. A one-man company, Sandy believes in doing every job the right way and is characterized by honesty and integrity, along with patience, attention to detail, and quality workmanship.

Sandy's priority is always the job he is on. He never rushes through a job to get to the next, a quality customers appreciate even though they may have to wait. As a result he has many repeat customers who value the personal touch he provides.

Because he believes that details are what make the difference, Sandy uses high quality materials and works with care and precision. His standard of excellence is often higher than his customer's, and he has the expertise and skills to meet it.

When you call Sandy for a free estimate, he will visit your home himself and can provide recommendations as you discuss the work you would like done. He has such confidence in his work that he will not take a desposit until you see some work done.

Looking to breathe new life into a space? Give Sandy a call and watch what he can do.

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While painting and wallpapering do cover the walls, what's underneath makes a big difference in how the finished room looks. For example, if your wall has old paint peeling off and you put new paint over it, the new paint will peel off with the old. Or if your wall has cracks and holes in it, the covering will become cracked and the holes will show through.

“Quality work is the result of thorough preparation,” says Sandy, who goes beyond merely sanding bumps and filling holes. He has also repaired water damaged walls and even fixed missing pieces of moulding. In over thirty years of work, Sandy has encountered all sorts of unique challenges in preparing walls and ceilings, and in every case has done what it takes to provide a beautiful finish that lasts.


Anybody can put paint on a wall, and most people can paint inside the lines, too. But few people are able to transform a room with paint the way Sandy can.

With great attention to detail, he is able to go far beyond simply adding color to a wall. Sandy has painted walls with patterns that look like wallpaper, wash, stucco, and more. He has been commissioned by customers to paint special borders around rooms, marbelize interior columns, and to make metal doors look like wood by applying wood-grained finishes.

The same precision and care necessary to achieve such effects are also applied to even the most basic paint jobs Sandy does. No matter how big or small the space, if you inspect it when he is through you will find only the highest quality.


When you look at a wall that Sandy has wallpapered, often times it is what you don't see that is most impressive. If there is a pattern on a wall, things not in the pattern tend to jump out at you: switch plates, electrical outlet covers, air conditioning vents. These things are necessary, but they're also ugly. Sandy can make them virtually disappear.

Many wallpapers have patterns so complex that it is a challenge just to line up the edges to keep the pattern consistent. But Sandy has the patience and skills necessary to cover your light switch plates, electrical outlet covers and air vents while matching the pattern so that they literally fade into the background.

If you're looking to refresh your room with wallpaper, give Sandy a call.


    (508) 543-4584

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